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Is there anything more versatile than jeans? Is there anything more synonymous with comfort than jeans? From blue to black to even green at times, jeans come in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can take your pick from the a myriad of sizes and fits, from slim tapered to straight fit. 

Jeans were first invented in 1871 for miner men of California, during the Californian Gold Rush. During the gold rush, people were running to California in search of Gold. Miner men were tearing their trousers for men left and right and they wanted a more durable cloth which could take on the daily stress of their hardcore lifestyle. 

Jeans for men were born out of necessity but stayed in the fashion world due to style and functionality. Jeans are made of denim which is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. Jeans trousers for men are 100% cotton, although at times, fabric like spandex or lycra is mixed to make it a bit stretchable.

Although in the public eyes denim jeans for men have had a reputation that they don’t need washing for months and the less you wash your jeans, they newer they stay, you should still wash your jeans from time to time. Washing jeans trousers for men will not damage the fabric. It might change the colour a bit but apart from that, it completely depends upon your own wearing style. 

There are a lot of different types of jeans for men available in the market. Let’s talk about the different fittings of jeans trousers for men today!

Skinny Fit: Skinny Fit jeans for men is just what it sounds like, well, skinny. They hug your legs from the hip to the ankle properly and look tight and snug. They are not uncomfortable as such but people who prefer roomier jeans will not like them. Skinny fit jeans trousers for men is for thin, athletic and fit men.

Slim Fit: Slim Fit jeans for men are a bit more roomier than Skinny Fit jeans. They are the perfect option for you if you want something in the middle of Regular fit and skinny fit jeans trousers for men.

Regular Fit or Straight Fit: This jeans for men fit is the ideal fit for people who want a straight, clean look from their jeans. They are not at all tapered and fall straight from the hip to the ankle.


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